Ryu ga Gotoku (Yakuza) Studio’s Dragon Engine Development Team Receives Highest Award in “Engineering Category” at CEDEC AWARDS 2021


Commended for QA Support System’s Development-related Technology and Expertise, Contributing to Industry-wide Technological Advancement

The SEGA CORPORATION is delighted to announce that SEGA’s Dragon Engine development team for the Ryu ga Gotoku (Yakuza) Studio received the highest award in the “Engineering Category” at CEDEC2021 (CEDEC – Computer Entertainment Developers Conference, sponsored by the Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association).


The CEDEC AWARDS are an event where technological achievements are recognized, with the focus being placed on technology that makes remarkable contributions to the advancement of computer entertainment. The Nomination Committee for the 2021 CEDEC AWARDS is made up of presenters who were rated highly by last year’s participants, as well as producers from each category of the working groups who selected the sessions for CEDEC2021. Upon deliberation, the Nomination Committee selects a list of award nominees, with the CEDEC Management Committee deciding upon the recipients of the top awards following a tally of votes made by event participants and presenters.

On this occasion, the Ryu ga Gotoku Studio received the highest award in the Engineering Category for developing an integrated QA support system in-house by combining project-management tools and automatization tools as well as co-operating with various build engineers and QA engineers. The fact that the studio’s development technology and know-how was widely shared and thus contributed to the industry’s technological development was highly commended.

the Ryu ga Gotoku (Yakuza) Studio

At the Ryu ga Gotoku Studio, members of the development team developed a system called “Automatic Play Testing” that runs a player-simulation script designed to assist with QA that automatically plays the game and detects errors using a development environment (i.e. PCs and development tools) that runs after-hours. By analyzing the results ofthese tests, “bug removing” thus became automated.

This allowed 20 out of 23 total stages of the “bug removing” process within the Ryu ga Gotoku Studio’s development structure to become automated, streamlining the QA process. In addition, the team also presented this venture at last year’s CEDEC2020 conference. Game development in recent years has continued to increase in scale, so amidst an environment where manually solving issues during development becomes progressively taxing, it has gained industry-wide attention as an example aiming to link improvements in quality with development efficiency.

Comments from the Award Winners

Upon the 10-year anniversary of the Ryu ga Gotoku Studio’s founding, it is a great honor to receive such a prestigious award. We think that perhaps our award is connected to the various game development technology and expertise we have pushed forward and shared since the founding of our studio. In addition, the QA system, for which we received the highest award this time, is something that we have steadily refined even before the founding of our studio and is one of the newest technologies that we have cultivated at Dragon Engine Development.
As QA engineers, we are deeply touched by the fact that engineering has not only been recognized in the field of Quality Assurance, but that we have been granted an award for our efforts. We want to keep contributing to technological advancements that affect the entire industry to the best of our limited abilities; to do this, we will continue to widely share the expertise and technology that we have fostered throughout the development process for our games.
Thank you so much.

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