Continuing to Create Captivating Experiences: Moving Toward a New Stage of Growth on a Global Scale

The acceleration of Digital Transformation (DX) and the emergence of new technologies such as 5G and cloud services have greatly influenced and shaped the entertainment industry in which we operate. Traditionally, games and other kinds of entertainment-related content were distributed separately by device, such as consoles, PCs, or smartphones, and by region, from Asia to Europe and the Americas. Nowadays however, it is easier than ever for our products and services to reach users all over the world via digital distribution channels. Moreover, the scenarios in which users are able to experience such products and services are also diversifying massively; in the case of games for example, not only players, but also streamers, viewers, and increasingly creators, are now able enjoy content in various ways.

We had assumed that these major structural changes (mega-trends) would progress incrementally over a set period of time, but as things like DX have advanced and people all over the world have adjusted their lifestyles due to COVID-19, several years-worth of changes are moving forward at once. The entertainment industry in particular is significantly reaping the benefits of these developments. Taking these changes within the entertainment landscape as an opportunity, I am convinced that by continuing to evolve with a steadfast will, we will be able to grow significantly as we move towards the future.

For more than 60 years, SEGA has continued to offer its customers captivating experiences, constantly pushing the limits to create games that represent the times we live in. Our key strength lies in our continuous pursuit of unique “ways to play” which we have developed throughout our long history using a myriad of approaches and across a wide range of business domains. We believe that our mission is to continue creating even more captivating experiences for our customers by concentrating the know-how we have cultivated in each of these areas. This year as well, we will continue to take on the challenge of creating innovative products and services and providing new, captivating experiences to the world as we advance towards the future.