Employee Training

New Hire Training

For a period of one month after joining the company, new hires are given training to learn business etiquette and the proper attitude to have as a member of society.
Through training to support reconstruction in disaster-struck areas, as well as in-store training, trainees gain an understanding of company initiatives and prepare for their division assignments in May.

CSR Training & Manager Training

"We deliver smiles and cheer!" Following this motto, the SEGA SAMMY Group conducts reconstruction support activities in disaster-struck areas, including training for new hires and employee volunteers. In addition, the group company Phoenix Seagaia Resort conducts beach cleanup activities, and the SEGA Forest in Nagano Prefecture is used to foster environmental awareness through forest maintenance, nature courses and interaction with the local community.

SEGA SAMMY Group provides not only training for new employees, but also training for managers as necessary. SEGA SAMMY College (described below) provides training both inside and outside the company, such as programs for directors and executive officers, so that employees can develop the resourcefulness to become leaders within their companies.

E-learning (Online Education)

We have introduced an e-learning system accessible through internal and external online portals, with the aim of providing an environment where all employees can learn about various topics to improve the skillsets.
We offer more than 70 different subjects, including basic business skills and management skills, so that employees can make effective use of their commute and holiday time to acquire knowledge and skills.


Based on the concepts of "growth opportunities for leaders suited to SEGA SAMMY" and "a place where employees can study on their own and when it suits them," we provide a place for new hires to acquire knowledge and skills for at various levels, and strengthen the unity of the group.
Company presidents and special guests active in various fields are sometimes invited as speakers.

Study Abroad Support System

SEGA SAMMY Group has introduced a system to help employees acquire MBAs at world-class business schools outside Japan. Its goal is to give employees the opportunity to actively develop their own careers, and to cultivate human resources that can lead the SEGA SAMMY Group in the future.

Coach-like Support System

Each employee in their first year at the company is paired with a coach who plays a central role in the workplace to support that employee as they learn to work independently, with the aim of making new employees a substantial part of the workforce that are also capable of making long term contributions. There is also a system in place to provide guidance, education, and support in various situations besides work, so employees can work with peace of mind after department assignment.

Engineer Training System Details

SDC (SEGA Developers Conference) is a regularly-held conference for technical exchange between departments. Any employee can attend regardless of their occupation, so all employees can get equal access to the latest technology and information.
Mid-scale study sessions are held about once a month, and small-scale study sessions are held weekly at the subcommittee level on various topics.

*Not all benefits are offered by all group companies. For details, please check with the Human Resources Department of each group company.