Employee Activities

Family Office Tour (Family Day)

The Group has organized a tour of the Osaki office, with the aim of helping employees' families (children, husbands, wives, parents, etc.) understand how we are creating a comfortable work environment, and what kind of environment employees actually have. Many employees had family members come and visit to see what kind of office they work at.
In addition to office tours, we help families gain an understanding of group companies through fun activities such as meals at Journey's Canteen (the company cafeteria), playing claw crane games and console games in the game testing area for ​​each group company, and letting them test play pachislot machines. This also helps to stimulate communication between participating employees and their families.

Bar Events

Various events are held at the "& Bar" (Endeavor), where employees can enjoy snacks and drinks after work while watching sports on the big screen.
"Comyu Katsu" (from "community" and the Japanese word for "activities") is a regular event held with the theme of "Japanese prefectures." Participants can engage in conversations about local topics while enjoying local food and drinks and get the opportunity to just simply talk and share ideas with other people within the group.

SEGA SAMMY Baseball Team

The SEGA SAMMY Baseball Team was founded in 2006 for the purpose of fostering harmony within the Group and invigorating employees. The team reached the semi-finals at the 89th Intercity Baseball Tournament held in 2018, generating excitement throughout the entire Group.
The official cheer squad for the team also puts on a rousing show, including dances with characters such as Sonic and Aliyan, as well as songs from franchises produced by group companies, including Detective Conan and Sakura Wars. Their events often go viral on social media.


CSR Activities (SEGA Forest: Environmental Education Events)

In 2008, SEGA entered into a "forest foster care agreement" with Minamiaiki Village, Minamisaku District, Nagano Prefecture, and named the approximately 3,633 hectares of privately-owned forest "SEGA Forest."
At SEGA Forest, the group holds environmental education events where participants can enjoy experiencing nature in summer and autumn.
In summer, employees and their families can try catching fish by hand, picking blueberries, wood-working their own chopsticks, and more. These experiences help foster interest in and knowledge of forests and nature, as well as spark interactions with the people of Minamiaiki.
In autumn, a hands-on forest development event is held so people can learn the importance of maintaining the natural environment through pruning and tree planting.
☆ Larch wood collected in Minamiaiki Village has been certified by the Sustainable Green Ecosystem Council (SGEC), which is the standard for timber used in buildings for the Olympics, and has been used in coworking spaces at the new office building!

Participation in The Corporate Games

SEGA SAMMY Group participates in "The Corporate Games," a sports exchange festival where approximately 150 companies join in to foster exchanges between employees and build bridges between organizations. Before the tournament, we also hold company practice sessions and rally meetings to help build solidarity. The Corporate Games are also used as an opportunity for communication through sports, both between group companies and with companies outside the group.

Game Jam

Game Jam is an internal event held once every 2 years.
Employees are divided into teams with members chosen at random regardless of their position or length of time at the company. These teams are then given 2 days to build a functioning game at the office.

Subsidy System for Employee Activities

Through this system, the company provides partial subsidies for events planned by employees in different departments, in order to promote communication between employees.

*Not all benefits are offered by all group companies. For details, please check with the Human Resources Department of each group company.